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I started my book in Scrivener and have 72,000 words completed. I adore Papyrus and decided to move my manuscript to this platform., however, I have an issue.

I copied (using CMD C) my manuscript and pasted (using CMD V) into a new project on Papyrus. I have encountered two significant issues.

  1. All the text is Yellow and I cannot change it to black?
  2. When I create a character it will not link to the manuscript and identify the characters or mark them? This is causing me some irritation since I want to check their timelines?

Can anyone help, please?


This sounds like you have the Papyrus Author Track Changes feature enabled. The toolbar icon looks like this:


With Track Changes enabled, when new text is added to your document, it will be highlighted as a change, like this:

You can accept the change by right clicking with the mouse and selecting “Accept Insertion”. This will change the text back to black. If this has happened in several places in your document and you definitely don’t want to see any of the changes made (including deletions and other changes), you can “Accept All Changes” from the option under the Document menu.


If you don’t want to track these changes (this feature is usually used at the editing/proof-reading stage), you can turn off the functionality by either clicking on the icon in the toolbar or by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Track Changes’

You can read more about this functionality in our Wiki here.

There are a few things that may cause this. Names in character database are case-sensitive, so make sure the character’s name is spelled the same way in the database entry and text. Character database also doesn’t support special characters, such as commas and dots.

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