Creating an Index

I’m looking for help in creating and editing an index:

  1. How do I edit the index?
  2. Is it possible to edit/update the index automatically if eg., the index entry pages move around after editing? Is it automatic or do I have to go back and recreate the whole index?
  3. How to enter: “John Smith,” or “Mr. Smith” or “John” so it appears in the index as Smith, John

What exactly goes in the “Create Index Entry” window text boxes? I am ending up with multiple entries in the index instead of just “Smith, John” as the main entry with all the pages an item is listed on:
… Index Entry: ?
… Sub-entry of: ?
… Also include: ?


Papyrus Author Free version 10.05 Mac dated 2020-7-21

Welcome to the Community :smiley:

To edit the entries in the Index, make sure you are showing the invisible elements:

  • Go to View / Show Invisible Elements image

You should then see the blue markers next to your words that were added as index entries:

Double click on the marker and it will open the “Change Index Entry” dialog.

If the markers are not showing after turning on the invisible elements, check the settings under Options / Preferences / Appearance / Element Display and make sure the option for “Text Symbols” is enabled.


Once you have decided how you want your entries to appear in the index, you can add (or edit) the entries.

If, for example, you would like a main entry for “Smith, John” and to then see each instance of the various combinations of the name you would set it up like this:
“Index entry” is from your text and “Sub-entry” is the heading “Smith, John”.


But if you just want all the variations to appear under one entry of “Smith, John” then each time you add the link in the text, the “Index entry” field should be set to “Smith, John” and the “Sub-entry” field is left blank:


To update the index, you can right click anywhere in the index itself and use the context menu:

Or go to the Index dialog (Document / Indices and Directories / Index) and click the “Update Index” button:

I hope that helps. Let me know how you get on :grinning:

Thank you for your help