Customising words and spelling

Hi all, I can’t remember what the correct name is for the ability, but when I used Word I used to be able to add words to the dictionary. Is this or can this be available in Papyrus?

For instance I have trouble typing (arthritis etc) so in Word used to add words that I would commonly write incorrectly i.e. instead of the word ‘the’ I might accidently type ‘hte’ I would add this to the dictionary and then replace it with the correct spelling, so when I typed from then on it would automatically change it to the correct spelling.

I did find this a big help, as I make a lot of mistakes, I can’t seem to find the option in Papyrus, though this might just be me.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Yes, absolutely! This is called the Spellcheck, and you can add words to it by simply right-clicking on a word, and selecting “add to My Additions.tlx”.

In Papyrus Author, the Spellcheck catches most common misspellings automatically. You can activate it by clicking on the book icon on the bottom toolbar, next to the feather and eye icons.

Common misspellings, such as ‘Teh’ switches to “The” automatically, when the spellchecker is on.

If you wish to add words to Papyrus Author’s dictionary, you can do so by right-clicking on them, and selecting “Consider correct in this document”, or if you want to teach them to Papyrus Author permanently, you can select “Add to Dictionary”.

Here’s a video to show how it works:


And here’s a tutorial video on the Spellcheck: Grammar and Spellcheck: Finding and Correcting Mistakes | Papyrus Author Tutorial - YouTube

Let me know how it goes, and have fun writing with Papyrus Author! :slight_smile:

Brilliant thank you, I knew it did correct some words, but when you write fantasy you make up words/names and obviously it often then says the word is incorrect. So the ability to add words is priceless. Does it also let you change words? Like if I write a name without the capital letter will it automatically add/change it, even if it’s a word I’ve made up?
I’ll go check it out.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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Actualy, I have a problem with that feature. In one of my scenes, I use the word “wind screen” (not the windshield of a car, but a screen which you put up against the wind on a beach or in a garden, therefore spelled as two words). And every single time the auto correction chages it to “windscreen”. If I right click on it, I get two options on top of the context menu “Sic: wind screen” and “Consider correct in this document”. When I choose the first one, it reverts it to the desired form. If I choose the second one, it doesn’t (actually, it probalby adds it to the document as it is … spelled as “windscreen”). There seems to be no way to revert it back and tell the system to consider it correct, except by disabling the auto correction first.

At the moment, the autocorrect will not fix capitalization of new words automatically, but it will highlight it as misspelled.

Great catch, thanks for bringing it up!

This is a very interesting case, where the autocorrect changes the amount of words, and it’s overwritten in a way that the corrected spelling cannot be added.

I’ll pass this feedback along, and we’ll come up with a solution in the future!

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