DATABASE: Examples Needed


Can someone provide more explicit basic documentation of doing a record sort using Papyrus DB? I feel like there’s some powerful functionality available here, but it just isn’t documented. I’m trying to pull data from one database into another, but right now I can’t figure out how to do it. How do I advance from one record to the next for a search?

Sorting can be setup under Edit > Sort …
Basically you select the columns which affect the sorting and move them to the sorting key list.

This works only by importing data from one db to another. Use File > Import to open a .pb database or a few other formats and then select the fields to be imported and where.

Live links from one db to another db aren’t supported.

In a table view just use the arrow keys to go up and down from one record to another. In a record view (entry form) there are next/previous and first/last buttons in the toolbar.

That’s not exactly true. I have a formula right now attached to one of my fields:

// IF (Birth_Month = Star_Sign_Get->BirthMonth) AND (Birth_Day < Star_Sign_Get->BirthDay) THEN Star_Sign_Get->Starsign ELSE Star_Sign_Get->Starsign2

I’ve got a live connection between the My Character db and a second one I set up called Star Sign. In My Character, it takes the birthdate I set up, and it is successfully fetching the correct data for the first record in the second database based on the day of the month. All I need to be able to do is feed it a formula that will advance the pointer to the next record(s) so that I can get it to work with more than one month. This is basic, basic database architecture, so the functionality HAS to be there. I just need to know the call that will advance the pointer. If it hasn’t been baked in, I’m very disappointed.

Looking at the formula you apparently created a relation named “Star_Sign_Get” which fetches data from another table, probably the “Star Sign” table that you mentioned. Both tables are still within the same database file, and the connections between them are called relations. So this was just a misunderstanding on my side on what you meant with “links to other databases”.

So if Birth_Month is 08 (August), then you need to look for Birth_Month 09 (September)? What about using Birth_Month+1 in the formula?