Default language other tha English does not work

Dear community,
I am delighted to have found Papyrus. Unfortunately, the full version is not for Italian writers yet.
The grammar/spell check though, is included in the free version, and as far as I understood, Italian is supported. Even if I selected Italian as default language, still the editor seems not to recognize it (all the words are underlined in red).
Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can’t find a solution.
Thanks a lot if someone can help!


Hi Licia and welcome to the Community :smiley:

The spelling and grammar routines are currently only available in English. There are some settings within Papyrus Author relating to use of other languages, e.g. you can mark your text as a different language, but this does not change the spelling and grammar check. However, we are considering adding support for other languages in the future.

Here are some of the settings you currently have available and what they do:

If you are writing the entire document in a different language, you can set the language as follows:

Under Options / Preferences / Spell Checking untick the box “Apply this language to any document, override text language”.


This needs to be unticked to be able to change the language selection in the next dialogue.

Then, go to Text / Language and Hyphenation. In this dialogue you can set the language for the whole document. Here I selected German.


If you have some parts of the document in English and some in another language, you can specify which parts of the document are in a different language. Highlight the area of text - including the chapter headings then select your text language:


Note that you can also access the Preferences options from this dialogue (Global Default Language).

Please be aware, though, that these settings are just to prevent the spelling and grammar routines from triggering because of the non-English language. There will be no spelling and grammar check performed on any section marked as an different language.

You can read more about the current foreign language settings here.

Thank you very much Eva!
Now it is very clear.
Looking forward to have the spelling and grammar routine in Italian too.

Kind regards!

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I took the time to build a list of italian words from some free dictionaries creating an ITA_add dictionary

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