Do I own my work?

I’ve read through most of the information on the website, including the terms of use and the EULA. Something that I am not seeing explicitly stated anywhere is whether or not I own the rights to anything I write and publish with Papyrus, including while using their tools to write, edit, and export my work.

I see a section in the terms of use that says if I share my work with the community(a feature I’m not sure exists at this point), that Papyrus has the right to use that work however they choose. Does a feature like this exist? And does doing so forfeit my rights to publish or profit off of the writing in question?

Is there a page on the website or section of the user agreements that will put my mind at ease about this? I’d like to feel secure in knowing that my work belongs to me, regardless of the tools I use to produce it.

Hi, welcome to the Community!

You, the author, have the copyright to your work, of course! You can find this information in the EULA under Section 9.

This is a catchall phrasing in case you should upload anything to our website, including the Community. For example, you could post a video clip publicly in the Community, then we would need to work with that data to be able to provide our service.

Key is: “when you access and use the Website”. We don’t have access to anything on your computer, only what you actually transmit to our website / services. :slight_smile: