Document Global Notes

I just started using Papyrus for my first project. If I wanted to delete an entry in the Document Global Notes within the Navigator, how would I do that? I’ve tried everything I could think of with no success.

Thanks for bringing this up! :clap:

Looks like there’s a hiccup in the Global Notes -area of the Navigator, and deleting in there has been disabled.

I can suggest a quick workaround: if you drag and drop the note under a chapter in The Navigator, it turns into a Chapter Note, and you can delete it with a right click. :grin:

I’ve noted down this peculiarity - thanks again for posting it! :smile:

Thanks for your reply. The other thing I just found out is if you go into the Notes section at the bottom of the Navigator and hit the minus sign, you can delete the notes as well. However when you create a new document the plus and minus signs are grayed out, but if I go to Menu → Insert → Document Note, then I can add and subtract global notes to my heart’s content. If it’s possible, I was hoping you would consider allowing global notes to be initiated from the plus sign at the bottom of the navigator or through mouse pop-ups instead of always having to go through the process via the menu.

Concerning my previous question, I guess it’s just the mouse pop-up controls that need addressing for the next version. BTW, is there any news when the next release might become available?

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Ah, great find! :bulb:

Yep, I’ve made a note of it. I’ll have to see if there’s some reason why they’ve been disabled by default. :mag: :male_detective:

No news on the next release yet unfortunately. :building_construction: