Drag-n-Drop Between Documents Not Working Correctly

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version


I have two PA documents side-by-side. I grab a scene from the navigator and drag it to the navigator in the other document. The cursor changes to indicate that it’s okay to drop it here. But when I let go, it doesn’t show up in the second document. I’ve tried this several times and several ways but it’s not working.

I’ve also tried doing it by dropping it onto the pin board, but that doesn’t work either.

The Navigator is like an enhanced table of contents, with options to show a plethora of additional information relating to your text. Although it has drag and drop capability within the Navigator structure, so you can move chapters and scenes around within the document, it is specific to that particular document.

This means it is not possible to transfer chapters and scenes from one document to another by dragging and dropping them from one Navigator to another document.

You can, though, highlight the text in one document (for example, a scene) and drag/drop it directly into the new document.

That’s what I have ended-up doing.

I completely understand why John tried it that way, having come from Scrivener myself. You can drag and drop any part of a Scrivener project into another Scrivener project/window. Didn’t realise until John posted this that PA can’t do that.

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