Dropcap Style Sheet for Papyrus?

Has anyone created a style sheet for Papyrus Author that includes a ‘Chapter Start DropCap’?

I haven’t tried to make one yet, but noticed it pops up in a lot of e-books now.

Amazon’s Kindle Create does it by default, but you have to go through and mark every scene so it knows what to do with them, and it cannot do first-line-small-caps, which I use a lot in my fiction. Since everything is already marked up in PA, I figured there may be a way to do it internally.

Not a problem really, I’m sure I can work it out.

I know how to do it in pure HTML, just wondering if anyone had managed to integrate it into one of the PA styles.

Papyrus itself doesn’t have any support for drop caps. However, if you know how to do them in CSS, you could change the CSS style sheets that are used by Papyrus to export HTML and EPUB.

The CSS style sheets are located at Papyrus Autor/Modules/Templates.css. I’d recommend to copy the relevant style folder to your project directory and make changes there because the styles in the program folder will be overwritten during a software update.

You can add your own CSS classes to the style.css file. Once they are saved you need to export an HTML or EPUB file from your Papyrus document and specify the modified style.css to be used. After that you can associate a paragraph style in Papyrus with a CSS class from style.css:

  1. Click in the text where drop caps should be applied
  2. Open Paragraph > Styles
  3. Perhaps make a duplicate of the current style named e.g. »Standard with drop cap«
  4. Go to the HTML tab
  5. Select the CSS class for drop caps

Now you can apply the new style to paragraphs where drop caps should appear in the HTML or EPUB.

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Thanks, @glucose . That should do it without needing external KC or Vellum nonsense. :+1: