Duplicating an existing document/project to produce another book

Hi, I have just created a children’s colouring book and added all my illustrations in black and white.Uploaded successfully to KDP. Now I wish to use exactly the same template and format to create a second book in full colour. Is there a way of duplicating the first book without starting from scratch. I can just replace the b/w pics with my colour ones.i don’t want to lose this first one in case i need to alter it at some stag. Thanks.

Hi Heather,

The easiest way to copy the entire book is by using the “Save As” option under the File menu.

In the “Save As” dialog, give the book a new name. You will then see the following prompt:

Select “Adopt New Name” and you will have a new document which is an exact copy of the original document . You can see this in the name on the tab.

Here I have re-opened the original document so you can see them both:

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Fantastic! If only I’d asked yesterday afternoon I would have saved myself 45 mins of frustration. A great support system. Thank you Eva!

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