Editing the character entry form

Hi. I’m trying to edit the character entry form, and it won’t let me scroll to the bottom. The scroll stops at the end of the original form, even though there’s another field been put in below that. It’s also not showing all the green lines like it shows in your wiki entry. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it’s driving me crazy tonight! Nothing is budging that scroll bar for me. I can’t enter information in the new field because I can barely see it. I’ve tried changing my display in case it was that. It wasn’t that. Please help!

It sounds like you added so many fields that you reached the end of the page on which the form sits. Try using a bigger paper format which you can change at Document > Layout > Paper Format

The green lines are guides which appear after selecting View > Show Invisible Elements.

If they don’t then you need to switch them on in Preferences > Appearance > Element Display > Magnetic Guidelines.

If they still don’t show then perhaps your form doesn’t have any guidelines yet. Drag them out from the horizontal and vertical rulers.


Thank you!

Would scrollbars be in order here?

I have two screens on this computer, one is 1980x1080 (regular 1080p) and the other is 1980x1200 (slightly larger than 1080p). The character form as I received it in the program extends below the normal 1080p screen and just barely fits on the extended screen.

I added another field and was forced to fit it in above the Full Name field (at the top) because I couldn’t scroll the form.

The entry form is just a Papyrus document in form mode. To get more vertical space, you need to increase the height of the underlying “paper”. Select Database > Edit Entry Form and then Document > Page Layout > Paper Format and increase the height.

Vertical scrollbars cover only the height of the form document but they don’t expect that there might be objects (form fields) outside the page.

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