Everything is huge?

Opened up the program today and everything is ginormous. Even the first page with my list of projects can’t fully fit on my screen. Not sure what happened or how to change it back. My computer settings are fine for other programs, and the program itself says it’s at 100% but it looks more like 300% I have a touchscreen monitor and tried to pinch it back to where it should be, but that isn’t working either. I tried looking at the manual but there doesn’t seem to be any “whole program settings” Any ideas?


It sounds like the Display Scaling value of your computer has gone up for some reason - that’s the setting to make elements like the Start Screen bigger relative to other stuff on your screen.

If you right-click on your desktop and select “display settings”, you’ll see it.

Here’s a previous topic where you can see step-by-step on how to change the values: How do I make the program text larger? - #2 by haysup

If the number is anything larger than 150%, try changing it somewhere between 100% and 150%, depending on your screen size and how small you like it.

:bulb: For these changes to take effect, you need to log out and back in, or restart your computer.

Interesting! I’ve never tried Papyrus Author on a touch screen. If the fix above doesn’t do it for you, let me know what device you’re using and I can look into it! :construction_worker_man: :wrench: