Exporting to Word

I’m trying to export a Papyrus document to Word using the following steps:

  • Press Save As… or Publish.
  • Accept the filename, making sure the file type is Word/Office Doc.
  • Press Save
  • Receive a dialog that I’m using special Papyrus features.
  • Press Continue
  • Press Save as Is at the Save with Comments prompt.

I receive the following error:

I am using Papyrus Author+ version 11.06b 2022-9-9
MacOS Ventura 13.0

Thank you for the thorough breakdown of when and how the error message triggers! It’s a huge help in troubleshooting! :heart_eyes:

The missing element is a normal part of Papyrus Author that’s added during installation. Having it missing would suggest, that a security feature of your computer has removed it.

The security feature can be either the macOS App Translocation, or if your mac has an antivirus, it may have quarantined it.

You can check your antivirus’ quarantine files, and see if it has locked up parts of Papyrus Author.

For a quick fix, you can install another copy of Papyrus Author on your computer, and use it. Your work is ready to use, and the second copy of Papyrus Author already has all your preferences applied.

You can get the installer here: Downloads

And here’s a guide on installing Papyrus Author on macOS: How to Install Papyrus Author for Mac – Papyrus Author

If the issue persists, you tell me what, if any, antivirus software you are using, and I can look into it as well!

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