Facing Pages Headers

Mac Big Sur

Papyrus Author Free version 10.07a Mac dated 2021-1-21
I am Brand Shiny new to this software. First time using something specifically made for print formatting. I am being asked if I can format a book I have just edited for an author.

What I am currently stuck on is how to have all the left pages have the Title in the header left justified, and the right pages need the author’s name in the header right justified.

Poking through the manual, I get the feeling I need two different Master pages? And somehow alternate between them on every spread?

Where can I look or go to see how this is done?

A second master page is not required. Just go to your page layout settings (on Mac this should be CMD+L) and tick the box for double-sided-documents (left-right). Papyrus will do the work for you.


Yes, as @EarlyBird said you can set this in Page Layout.

Ticking the option “Double-sided document (right and left pages are different)” will create a new master page for you.


When you go to the master pages, you will have a “Standard (for left pages)” and a “Standard (for right pages)”. You can then right align the header for the right-hand pages.

Unlike other master page changes, there is no need to assign the pages specifically to the left or right master page as Papyrus Author will do this automatically.

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