Failure to Download

This looks like such an amazing program. Unfortunately I will never know because it has failed to download 4 different times. Every time a different error comes up like “error writing to file rt.jar”. Is it because I am trying to download the free version? I am a struggling author and cannot afford to pay your monthly fee, besides the fact that I always would try something before purchasing to see if it is worthwhile. Too Bad.

This sounds more like an installation error, not a download error. It could come from an over-protective anti-virus program. Try to turn it off for the installation, and turn it on again when it’s finished.

Thanks again, glucose!

I’d also add that make sure you have enough (at least 2GB) of free space in the destination you’re installing Papyrus Author into.

I’m having this issue with installation of the new version. Been using Papyrus for at least three years across several versions and never had this problem before. I initially thought it was due to lack of space, so I went ant deleted several GB worth of files about 100) and tried again, but the same error still occurs. And I don’t have an antivirus on my laptop because I couldn’t afford to pay after the trial period, so it’s not a matter of an overactive antivirus program. Tried deleting and redownloading installer several times but always the same thing. I have a lot of writing I’ve done with the previous versions of Papyrus Author that is now completely inaccessible to me because I can’t get the current version (the only WORKING version) to install. Since neither suggested fix in this thread applied, what can I do?

Hi @animeotakudrew,

I went ahead and replied to your message here: "Extract: error writing to file rt.jar"

Let me know how it goes! :man_construction_worker: