Family/relationship trees

I’ve been using this amazing programme since it went live and have loved working with it. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. I know I’ve asked this before but would like to know if there are any plans or if it is possible to create a graphic/database that can track character relationships. It would be helpful to be able to link characters by relationship like a family tree but perhaps adding friendships to the tree too. I know I can just create a blank thinkboard one but I think I tried that once and it got complicated… and it is no longer on my document anyway. My mum does a lot of work on family history and uses some cool programme that tracks all the links to family - you can click on one family member and it will tell you details of family members close to them, etc. This could be useful for certain complex fantasy stories, and I’m sure for anyone writing medieval fiction too!

I described a possible way to do this a while ago using the character database:

It’s not graphic, but can keep track of all sorts of relationships

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