Fantasy Writers

I’ve been an Indie author for more than a decade now, and write everything from sci-fi to fantasy. Over the years, I’ve sought out the best possible software to help me along the way, which is why I use Papyrus Author. I’ve used papyrus since its first beta, and would never use anything else.
That said, I’ve just embarked on my latest book, which is a full-blown fantasy that requires building a world and lands for my tale to take place in.
I’m terrible at drawing and didn’t know where to start, so I went to the internet for a solution. I found Wonderdraft, which is a piece of software that enables you to build whole worlds if you like. It’s easy to use, and the maps a scalable.
In other words, if your hero travels from A to B, it will tell you the exact distance travelled in whatever scale you want, be it miles, kilometres, wheels, or whatever you set it to.
The attached map took me maybe an hour or so to make, but it’s helped me so much.
Hope some of you find this useful. :grinning:

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I used to use Campaign Cartographer to create very similar maps. It was a very good system too.

I no longer use maps, since I’m too busy writing.

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I’ve never made a map like this before, but I’m finding it a very useful visual aid. it was fun to make, too. :smiley: