Feature suggestion: auto open last file

Would be a big time saver if there were a user option to set for “open last file open” so that when working on a long project, that project would open each time instead of having to select it.

Also helpful to be able to clear the file list in start now and then.

When I quit Papyrus with open documents it will reopen them upon the next start. There is an option for this in Preferences:

User Interface > Miscellaneous > Restore open documents etc. when restarting


Hmm. I’ve had that checked, and it does not work for me. Closing with my document open, then relaunching PA gets me the Start screen, not my project.

If I click the Continue Session in the lower left corner, then my project opens.

Are you Windows or Mac? I’m on a Mac.

I’m on a Mac too, but I disabled the Start screen. With the Start screen active, I get the same behaviour as in your case.

You can turn off the Start screen here:
Preferences > User Interface > Messages > Show Papyrus’ start dialog at startup

The Start screen will still be available at File > Start …

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Good idea on disabling start screen. Thanks.

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