Files not opening upon upgrade Author 2022

Operating SystemMac OS Big Sur 11.6.5

Papyrus Author VersionAuthor 2022

followed instructions to download new version. Upon opening and trying to open up my previous files it gives me this message: "Error reading document /Users/deb/Documents/Papyrus Author Documents/Confessions

of Generations of GutZy Women/Confessions of Generations of GutZy Women.pap:

Operation not permitted

Retry access?" What to do?

Hello, welcome to the Community!

This error message may be caused by macOS’ security measures that limit applications’ access to files and folders. This problem can be fixed by giving Papyrus Author 2022 access by following the steps described in this Apple Support article:

Control access to files and folders on Mac

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: