Find and Replace function not working

Hey there,

I tried to use the find and replace function in my papyrus app, and it did not work. I tried checking and unchecking all the checks in the dialog box (“Ignore Case,” “Whole Word,” and “Search Up”) but nothing worked. Has anyone found a solution to this? I looked at a few posts that were up previously about this, but the suggestions didn’t work for me.


Are you looking for some special stuff, or just regular words in your book? The search should work just fine, but I can think of one thing that might cause some hiccups:

If there’s anything extra, like an additional empty space, in the “Find” field, the search will find for exactly that (for example, finding "Word_ _ " with two empty spaces doesn’t find “Word_” with a single empty space after it.

:bulb: Also, if you’re at the end of your book, choose the “search up” button – that way the search goes backwards towards the start of your book to search for results.

If you let me know what you’re searching for, or grab a screenshot of what you’re seeing, I can give a bit more detailed tips! :wrench: :man_construction_worker:

Here’s a bit more on search: Find and Replace – Papyrus Author

Let me know! :sun_with_face: