Find and Replace not working

I’m having an issue where FIND AND REPLACE doesn’t work. I bring up the dialogue box and put in a word to find and do the search but NO results are returned… even though I’ve used the word hundreds of times in the document. The same is true with replace. I wanted to replace a name with a new one (again, hundreds of changes) but it supposedly searched and found nothing. Anyone else having this issue and what can I do about it? I’ve restarted the program a couple of times, but the issue persists.

Do you have the same problem in other documents?
If not, you should send the document in question to the support team. They can have a look.

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This sounds like a very unique issue. Do you have the option “ignore case” selected? That way you should find the words, whether they are capitalized or not.

I would love to hear this as well - could you create a new document, and try the search and replace in it with a few paragraphs?

If the issue reoccurs with the new document, could you share it with me?

You can simply drag and drop a file to the “reply” field to attach a document to your reply.

That’s strange. Did you place the text cursor in the text before clicking the “Find“ button?

Perhaps try the “Back to top” button before clicking “Find”. This will place the text cursor at the top of the document.

Also, selecting a word in the text and then using the “< Block” button will copy that word into the Find field. Clicking “Find” should find other occurrences of this word then.

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