First Papyrus Book finished

Hello all

I have been a hobby writer forever and had completed my first book via Word last year. Since then I have been working on a new book which I completed in early 2020 yet did not edit.
I did use another expensive program to help edit but honestly $40 a month VS free was not any different with Papyrus. Needless to say, I spent 5 months off and on trying to finish at that cost.


I discovered Papyrus and created an E-Book transferring my files over (canceling other program). It took a week or two to get everything moved over and edited. A few days ago I did a final edit and have created a new E-Book on Amazon, honestly I freaking love getting it out there!!


It took me 6 months to write this book, it took me 7 months to edit this book plus almost 1 month to release. What I learned is amazingly helpful to me and I want to share followed by a plug for my book (its free for a few days).

1, Start with Papyrus free or paid, you will use it to edit so start with it and edit along the way. This will save you months no jokes!
2, Take the time to ad you comments to each chapter before you begin, this will guide you from chapter to chapter.
3, Take the time to (premium) build and document your characters, this will help you reference them later when you forgot who they are.
4, Build scenes, a shoot out, a murder, a romance, a conversation. Take the time to at the very least say shoot out chapter 6 lead gets hit. Once you get close you can expand on it, you can also keep it in sight and lead up to it.

Taking my own advise I have built 20 chapters each with notes based on how I want my new story to progress. In each chapter I find it easier to take the time to create a visual picture the reader can experience. I know what happens next to I maximize the detail. I like it!

Before 2019 I had never wrote anything other than for work. Now I cannot explain how amazing it feels to finish then publish on Amazon. Yeah I may suck but now have two books out there and damned if I am not thrilled!!

I am not affiliated with Papyrus in any way, I just love to write and want to share.
Grab my book if you can, its a free good read but not the purpose of this post.