Formatting changes when exporting

I don’t understand where I am going wrong.

I have set up my document exactly the way I want it. When I export it, however, all lines are double-spaced (I have set them up to be single-spaced) and I don’t know why.

I am uploading to Kindle and the document needs to be an ePub or docx file. The docx files export without any issues, then convert to Kindle poorly. The ePub files convert to Kindle precisely as they are exported - with the existing formatting issues.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve tried all I can think of.

The fact that both, docx and epub, show the same issue leads me to believe that the error is somewhere in Kindle’s conversion service.

Did you check both files by opening them in Word and in an epub reader, respectively? If you are on a Mac, docx files can be opened by and epub by On Windows, Wordpad can open docx if Word is not installed, and epub can be viewed by Calibre or by Firefox using an extension such as EPUBReader.


Actually, I’ve worked it out. I needed to set the format to “modern”. It’s fine, now.

Thanks for replying! I do appreciate it.