Formatting for KDP

Is there an Author Format that is directly compatible with specifications of KDP?

Ideally I’d like to use the 5" X 8"

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Yep–There’s a made-to-measure 5” x 8” template for KDP publishing!

You can find the templates by going “File” → “Start”, and opening the “New Project” tab of the Start screen.

You’ll see the “5 x 8” Novella” option in the “Paperback” options:

There’s a few other options for 5" x 8" as well in there, but the paperback is the most popular one. :+1:

Let me know how it goes, and have fun with Papyrus Author! :grin:

Thanks for that. I posted the request during a quick look at KDP - then I later found this format. Thanks for your quick response. Shows this community does work.!

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Two thoughts - this format fits the overall size, but does it correspond to all the other settings in KDP‘s requirements.
Also, if I have a document created in a different format, is there a quick way to transfer that into the 8 x 5 format?

  1. Open your current document
  2. File > Generate > Adopt Styles from Other Document …
  3. Select the template you want to use
  4. Save the new document under a new name.

The new document will be a copy of the current document with its paper format and layout according to the template. Paragraph styles should be changed as well, provided that their names match.

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