Function Questions

I’ve been watching the videos. I have a couple questions:

  1. In the info about timestamps, Ben mentions that PA can show the initials of the last person who worked on the file at a given point. Is there a way for two (or more) people to co-author a document, then? Like storing it on the cloud, and all co-authors editing the same file?

  2. In the first “Word Docs” video, Ben mentioned bringing in an edited Word doc, and attaching it to a PA doc, so that when you open the PA doc, the edited file also opens. Is there a way to compare the two documents? That is - to see the differences between doc #1 and doc #2?

Hi Scott, welcome to the community. Thanks for your questions.

  1. Yes, you can have multiple users working on PA documents. Although only one person should be accessing a document at any one time.
    The Timestamps will show you when a paragraph was last altered. By hovering over the timestamp you can see the user and exact time: image
    Track Changes offers a more comprehensive revision tracking option. This will show any revisions made to the text. Again, hovering over the change will show the user and time:


You can choose in the Preference settings whether to see the user's full name or just initials and whether to see the exact times:


Here you can read our Wiki article on this functionality.

  1. Provided revision tracking was enabled in MS Word when the document was edited, this information should be transferred to PA when it is imported. So PA Track Changes will show you where text has been added, deleted or changed. The exceptions to this are where text attributes have been altered (e.g. to italic) or text highlighting has been applied. In this way, there should be no need to compare document 1 with document 2.

You can read more about importing and exporting documents here.

Hope that helps :smiley: