Get rid of a link

Windows 10

Papyrus Version 11.06

I’m formatting the print version of my book at the moment. On the “About the Author” page, I want to mention my homepage, but since it is just a print file, I don’t want it to be an actual link. From Word and other software I’m used to just right click on an auto generated link and delete it, but Papyrus only gives me the option to edit the link, but if I delete the target in that dialog, I can’t apply it. Is there any way to get rid of that link? Or at least make it appear in black instead of blue?

Could you take a screenshot of your “Book & Author tab”, so I can see how it’s formatted. I’m trying to recreate this issue, but when I add a link in the “Book & Author” field, it doesn’t come up as a hyperlink, or colored blue.

Here’s my result:


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Sorry, my bad for being unclear in my description. I wasn’t using the “Book & Author” fields. I just created a normal page in my manuscript for my About the Author section and typed out

And just like here in the forum software, Papyrus automatically formats and converts that into a link. As I said, when I select it and right click to get the context menu, I even get a “Edit link…” entry. But no way to delete the link.

The link is only visible onscreen and will disappear when printing or exporting to PDF. You can change the link colour to match your normal text colour if you want to make the link invisible. See Document > Document Properties > Document Colors > Color for links