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Is there support for a Glossary of terms in Papyrus author? Can you have a list of unusual words (thinking in terms of fictional language) and their meaning?
Maybe It’s already there and I don’t know where it is, but just thought I’d ask. :slight_smile:

There’s no built-in glossary function but it’s easy to mimic one.

You could create a chapter “Glossary” in which you make entries for the glossary terms and descriptions. Making it a chapter has the advantage that you can use the Navigator to quickly go to the glossary and add new terms and descriptions. I would also use separate Styles for term and description so they’ll have the same look throughout the glossary and could be easily reformatted by changing the Styles.

A second option is to use a database table for collecting terms and descriptions during the writing process. If you already have a “My Characters” database linked to the document, you could create a new database table there (called “Glossary”) and add two text fields to it: “Term” and “Description”. Then collect all terms and descriptions as database entries. If you check the option to “auto link” the terms to the database, then Papyrus will highlight them in the document and clicking them will open the description in the database.

Once all terms and descriptions have been added to the database you would create a report that would form the glossary in the document itself.

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