Green Text?

I have no idea why my text changed from black to green, and can not seem to find a way to get it back to black. When I type, it is green. Tried the text color box, but I can not change it to black. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t even know how I managed to turn it green, lol. Appreciate your help.

Hi @writerjodieemail, welcome to the Community!

This sounds like your project has turned on the Track Changes feature. :bulb:

With Track Changes enabled, all new text is highlighted as a change, like this:


You can turn off the feature by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Track Changes’.


After the feature is turned off, you can accept the new text by right clicking it, and selecting “Accept Insertion”. This will change the text from green to black.

:bulb: What is Track Changes?

Track Changes is there for you, when you want to collaborate on, proofread or edit your book.

When Track Changes is turned on, you can see exactly what corrections have been made in the document:

In this picture, you can see the added text in green, and deleted text in red.

For more on Track Changes: Revision Tracking

Let me know how it goes, and have a great writing year 2023!

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