Hebrew language support

I write in hebrew, a right to left language. Is papyrus capable of allowing me to write in this fashion? I cannot find any option for it to format my writing correctly.
unrelated but does anybody know how to make the text bigger without using the zoom function on windows?

Hi @yiftah.cooper, welcome to the Community! :sunny:

At the moment, Papyrus Author is available in English, and the text direction can’t be set to write right-to-left.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a workaround for this. I Hope you’ll find ways to enjoy Papyrus Author - maybe with a translation of your work, or a completely new project in English! :smile:

You’ll see the typeface settings on the top-left of your screen. Simply select the text you want to change, and select a larger point value from the dropdown menu:

Here’s a quick video on it:


have fun with Papyrus Author!