Help Adjusting Table & Column Widths

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version

Papyrus Author Pro version 10.07a Win64 dated 2021-1-21

Working with Tables is kind of awkward. I can deal with most of it but I’m having trouble with two things. (See Screenshot)

#1 - How to adjust the overall width of the table (by pulling the right-side border)

#2 - How to adjust the interior columns (by pulling on the relevant border)

PROBLEM - When I do #1, the table gets wider, but the interior columns get stretched out of proportion too. When I try to fix via #2, the overall table width shrinks.

I apparently cannot do both, make the table WIDER and the COLUMNS narrower.

UPDATE: To further complicate the problem, it seems that the EPUB format doesn’t support the table cell text alignments. Despite explicitly telling each cell to be aligned LEFT, in the EPUB output, every cell is on a single row by itself and centered in the line

YET ANOTHER PROBLEM-- I can’t even Ghost the page with the table. Even though it shows as being Ghosted in the Navigator, it still appears in the output. I even tried making it a separate scene and ghosting it that way-- no go, same deal. Still appears in the output.


That’s because you pull on a united cell. Try selecting any of the cells (Cmd-click on Mac or Ctrl-Click on Windows) in the top right of the table and widen the table. Only the rightmost column with will be affected.

Select the cell left of the line and then hold Shift and drag the line. Only this line will move.

Papyrus doesn’t export most text attributes except for things like bold or italic, I think.

If you need right aligned or centered table cells, you need paragraph styles which are associated with right aligned and centered CSS classes.

If you create a new table, the table cells will have the style »Table Cell« which is left aligned. To create a right aligned variant:

  1. Open Paragraph > Styles
  2. Select »Table Cell« if its not yet selected
  3. Click on »New« to make a copy of this style
  4. Change the name to »Table Cell Right«
  5. Click on the »HTML« tab
  6. Select »main text« for the HTML block element
  7. Select »right« for the CSS class
  8. Apply
  9. Click on a cell and select »Table Cell Right« from the styles menu in the tool bar
  10. Right align the text with the alignment icon in the tool bar.
    This will change the style definition to right aligned without asking for confirmation because there is only one line affected at the moment.

You can repeat the same for a »Table Cell Center« style using »center« for the CSS class.

After defining the styles, only format table cells using these styles and they should export to EPUB accordingly.