Help! Continual error notice

Papyrus Author Version

new user - I opened my content this morning to this notice:

“Dictionary “/Users/JaJireh/Documents/Papyrus Author Documents/Dictionaries/My Additions.tlx” not found.”

I went to the root, thinking the doc would be missing from the folder, but it was there?? I deleted it, thinking the notice would completely disappear. It’s more annoying than ever. I have no recollection of creating the “my additions” text for the dictionary.

This notice pops up instantly when I begin to type, and I have to hit “enter” multiple times for it to disappear. If I stop typing for any amount of time, the notice is thrown up again. Very disruptive.

Can anyone help me override this?

I’ve found my own answer. Here it is for any coming behind me with the same problem:

  1. Click “Document” top header bar
    2… select “spelling & Grammar”
  2. When check spelling opens, on the far right, use the down carrot to select “dictionary selection”
  3. This opens a main format window for “Papyrus Preferences” for “Spelling” “corrections”
  4. main window will list dictionaries available.
  5. remove errant discitonary according to the notification by highlighting, then selecting "remove’ off to the right.
    7/ select “close” at the bottom of the format window pane.

Live your best papyrus life, as you can type unhindered from here on out!