Help With Timestamps / Document Consolidation

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Is there any way to get a complete list of changes to a document-- particularly the date/timestamps the changes were made-- as a single list?

I have two documents, the second is derived from the first. I have decided that I would like to roll the changes that I’ve made in the second, back into the first and create a consolidated document.

But, I need to assure myself that I haven’t made a change or two in the first document before I do it. If so, I need to address those issues prior to consolidating.

What I’m hoping for is some sort of list that I can scan through from both documents and note the most recent changes in each list.

If I can be satisfied that all of the changes are in the second document, then I can just copy the remaining stuff from the first document to the second, and the consolidation will be complete. Otherwise, it will be more tedious.

Under the View menu, there an option to show “Timestamps”. These show when each paragraph was last edited.

You can watch a video tutorial on this feature: Timestamps: Tracking Changing Dates in the Text.

That didn’t answer my question. I know what a timestamp is and how to turn them on. I am asking if there is a way to get a list of timestamps so that I can simply review the list without having to go forwards and back, hunting through my 400+ page WIP and find all the places the one file has diverged from the other.

No, the Timestamps are a display option within the document. There is no option to export just a list of Timestamps.


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