How did I make this?

Operating System macOS Big Sur Version 11.3.1

Papyrus Author Version Papyrus Author Free version 10.07b Mac dated 2021-5-20

Cool Picture

If you open the cool picture I have shared for this post, you can see what I am asking about.

Somehow I made a graphic frame that I can put text in. This was weeks ago. I can not, for the life of me, remember how I did it.

It’s not just a text graphic as it lets me change the size in all directions.

Any ideas what I did?

Something like this:

  1. Insert > Graphics > Text Frame (or use the toolbar icon if it’s there)
  2. Draw the text frame
  3. Type the letter J and increase its size
  4. Double click on the frame border to open the Graphics Object Properties panel
  5. Change the Text Wrap to “left or right”
  6. Check the Anchor so that it is “Attached to a paragraph”
  7. Perhaps uncheck Dimensions > “Text frame height grows with text”
  8. Move the text frame to the beginning of the paragraph

It was a checkbox in the Dimensions that did the trick.

Thank you.