How do I create Books (Parts) for a Three-Part Format?

I want to create a tripartite structure for the book I am working on. There are three “books” (or parts) with several numbered chapters in each. I have absolutely no clue how to set this up. I’ve already searched for information about this, and discovered the topics “How to Create Parts For Existing Chapters” and “adding Parts in a 3-Part book,” but I simply cannot follow the instructions there, as they don’t really seem to fit what I’m trying to do.

Can anyone help out here? And, please, BE SPECIFIC.

Managing document structure in Papyrus is a friggin’ MASSIVE pain in the ass. Though I love most of the app’s functionality, document structure/styles desperately needs to be revised to make it more user-friendly. I am by no means a blockhead when it comes to following instructions, and can usually figure out anything just by fiddling around with it enough, but even after reading the manual docs the process of setting up individual chapters, etc., is incredibly clumsy.


I’ve reached out in private messages as well, if you’d prefer to share the info privately. You’ll find the inbox at the top-right of the screen next to your profile picture. :wrench: :construction_worker_man:

It’d be super helpful to see a screenshot of your Navigator, and a selected chapter heading with the toolbar visible–that way I see what heading styles you’ve got, and how the book’s structure looks like at the moment.

Here’s guides on taking screenshots:

Guide: How to take screenshots

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For macOS: Take a screenshot on macOS

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