How do you Change a Chapter to a Scene?

While importing my WIP, I created a chapter that I now prefer to be a scene. How can I change it?

Additionally, a related question, how can I select text in a chapter and call it a scene?


John Whitten

One more question on similar topic. What are the Shortcut Keys for Inserting a Chapter and Inserting a Scene?

Okay, another question…

How can I select a whole group of chapters / scenes and perform an operation on them? Specifically, I have about 80 chapters that I want to change from “Chapters” to “Numbered Chapters”, and I’d really rather not have to go to each one to do it.

There are two options to do this. The first option is to (automatically) select all Chapters and swap them for Numbered Chapters. The second option is to add numbering to Chapters.

Swap styles:

  1. Click on a chapter title in the document
  2. Open Paragraph > Styles …
  3. Click the »Mark« button
  4. In the tool bar, click on the Numbered Chapter icon or select this style from the popup menu

Add numbering:

  1. Click on a chapter title in the document
  2. Open Paragraph > Styles …
  3. Click on the Enumeration/Table of Contents tab
  4. Select a hierarchy level (e.g. Level 1)
  5. Change the Format description to »Chapter [1] «
  6. Apply

Note that in both cases all chapters with the style »Chapter« will be changed. If you want to exempt some chapters from the change, you need to give them another style before applying the changes.

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None by default, I guess, but you can specify your own shortcuts:

Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts … and then select the Styles category.

Click on the chapter and change its style to »Standard«. Then right-click the same line and select »Scene«.

I think you just need to define the beginning of a scene (as above) and it will run until the next scene or chapter occurs in the document.

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Thanks for the reply!