How do you collaborate with another author?

I’m working on a new book with another writer. We are working on every aspect together. How do I:

  • Share the project with them (we both have Papyrus, but only the creator of the project seems to be able to open it and Word isn’t half as good as Papryrus. Transferring between Word and Papyrus is time-consuming and costs us work - as in, Word loses data.)?
  • Give us equal credit as authors?

I have talked my co-author into purchasing Papyrus and they are currently unimpressed with me and also the programme. We’re frustrated and just want answers.

Welcome to the Community!

Co-authoring sounds fun, I’d love to hear more about your journey as you progress!

You can share the project with your co-author by saving it in a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, and sharing the access to it from there.

:white_check_mark: An important note on collaborating in Papyrus Author:

When collaborating in Papyrus Author, avoid editing the document simultaneously.

Since the project file holds one version at a time, opening an older version and saving it could overwrite newer changes. To prevent this, communicate with your co-author, work on the latest file version, and take turns editing and saving your progress.

Here’s a video on setting up the Cloud, and setting backup copies of your work: Backups: Saving with Incremental & Automatic Backups | Papyrus Author Tutorial - YouTube

You can add both of your names on the title page of the book. You’ll find these settings by going “Document” → “Document Properties” → “Front Matter”.

:bulb: I can recommend Papyrus Author’s Timestamps feature to see when a paragraph has been edited as well. Here’s a video on it: Timestamps: Tracking Changing Dates in the Text | Papyrus Author Tutorial - YouTube

Let me know how it goes, and have fun writing with Papyrus Author! :sunny:


Thanks so much! I’m out and about today, but I’ll try that out when I get home. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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It’s working perfectly! We’re also using Google Docs to share ideas and work on a piece at the same time, because Google is able to accommodate that. Google + Papyrus is certainly a great combination!

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