How does one remove page numbers from mobi TOC?

Windows 10

10.06 Pro

I generated a mobi/Amazon ebook. The preview below matches almost exactly the file as displayed in an Amazon Reader, in Kindle Previewer.

How does one remove the page numbers, since they are not needed in the Kindle version?

(The pap file was created as 6x9 Fiction, so obviously it uses them for the print book)

You have to remove them in the pap document itself.

  1. Go to the page with the TOC
  2. Right-click on the TOC and select “Table of Contents…”
  3. Under “Entries in Table of Contents > With page numbers” select “never” and then apply.

Thanks, glucose!

You’re right, when exporting to e-books you should have the ‘never’ selected for page numbers.

table of contents page numbers

If you’re exporting to mobi you don’t actually need to have a table of contents in your document. Kindle will create one automatically for you. For epub you should always include a Table of Contents.

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