How I love using PA

I am only a one finger typist (only have one finger) and writing my first novel. I have finished drafts 1 & 2 and I have a wonderful mentor in Jessica Stone (Blood on a Blue Moon…(unashamed plug). I have a bad habit of using dull verbs and words ending in ly. This was pointed out to me by Jess but I was not looking forward to seeking them out. By using PA’s text finder I can find words ending in ly and others ending in ed. The style & readability analysis is great once you know how to use it. I recommend you find a mentor if you are a newbie. I am impressed how a published author is prepared to help. There are others out there, in writers get togethers, go meet one & ask.

If you get writers block try this little ditty;
While I was walking t6o St. Ives
I met a man who had six wives
They taught me all they knew
Their names were
What and Where and Why
And When and How and Who.
Have fun with this powerful tool for writers