How is it vague?

I keep getting dinged for using a ‘vague’ word when I refer to a character as ‘the man’ or ‘the woman’ outside of dialogue. I’m just curious, why is this (especially if they’re the only person with that gender in the scene) considered vague?

The Style Analysis makes recommendations on where it might find areas to improve, but the choice to act on them is up to you. The recommendations may not be applicable at times, when you take into consideration the context of the sentence and the style of your text.

:bulb: You can change the level of Style Analysis by right-clicking on the Style Analysis icon. on the bottom toolbar.

We are always looking to improve the Style Analysis!

It looks like this particular word pops up as vague with only the stricter Style Analysis setting “Proofreading”, and in the “reword” mode - have you found it triggering with the others as well?