How to Change to Smart Quotes AFTER Text is Imported?

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version

Papyrus Author Pro version 10.07a Win64 dated 2021-1-21

This is not the same question as the other ‘Smart Quotes on Import’ question I saw.

I have imported text from another program (Scrivener) using cut-n-paste. I saw after I cut-n-pasted and discovered the issue, that it did not change the quotes to smart quotes. So now I have text that I’ve already imported and modified-- how can I go through and change the instances which are already in my document from ascii quotes to smart quotes??

Just go to Preferences > User Interface > Automatic Quotes and click on the »Convert all quotes in the text to typographic quotes« button.

I did that but it’s still flagging regular quotes. They didn’t change.

Okay, I must not have pressed the button correctly or something. I got a dialog box asking me to confirm, and I did.

BUT - it’s still flagging quote instances, which now appear to be smart-quotes-- for some unknown reason. When I go and change them manually, they stop being flagged.

Here’s an example

2021-02-02 10_44_45-_Mason and the Atomic Train.pap  (project main text)