How to organise Chapters into Parts?

Windows 10 version Pro

I wish to organise my books into parts, and each part will contain chapters.

Part 1
Chapter 1 I love papyrus
Chapter 2 All authors should use papyrus
Chapter 3 Papyrus Author is sweet

Part 2
Chapter 4 Spray up is an anagram of papyrus
Chapter 5 Up our trash pay
Chapter 6 …

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I would use two paragraph styles named »Chapter« and »Part« to do this.

For Chapters you could use the existing styles for »Heading« or «Heading numbered« but I like to duplicate and rename them according to my needs. Chapters would have a hierarchy level 1 and a format description »Chapter [1][TAB]« for automatic numbering (see Paragraph > Styles > Enumeration/Table of Contents).

For Parts you could also duplicate a Heading style but set its hierarchy level to none which will place it above level 1 in the navigator. I wouldn’t use automatic numbering here because your structure isn’t purely hierarchical. In a purely hierarchical document, Chapters in Part 2 would start at Chapter 1 again.


Thanks, it took me a while to work through this but it appears to work :grinning: