How to setup a series project (for central databases)

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I am brand new to Papyrus - a refugee from the Scrivener 3 wars.

I have an existing 8 book series that I want to re-edit and re-publish. I would LOVE to have a central timeline, characters, places, etc database for these books, as well as an easy way to manage them as a series and as individual books to be published (e-book, soft and hardcover).

I am stuck at the git-go with how to setup a central “project” that I am guessing would hold the central databases, and to which I believe I can link each individual book to those database. Is this correct?

What would be the best practice for working with a series of books?

As usual, best practice is what works best for you. Personally.

That said you can generate a database for people, places, etc. and a
document for every part of your series. You can then link all the documents
to the common database.
The advantage is to have identical info in all parts of your series, the drawback
is that characters cannot change, unless you note that on the character sheet.

One thing to be aware of: the timeline is not a database, but part of every document.
You can keep it in a separate document, if you like, or write up a single page of
events and put it at the end of every part. That way you can copy timelines by just
copying this single page. Of course you can remove this page before you publish,
it’s just a reference for you.

I hope that helps.

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