I need assistance with formatting the text

Not sure if this is the right place, but I guess it is where I am starting.

I am looking to format portions of a writing project whose submission has very particular requirements. Certain information must be in “stat blocks”. So there is a transition from the standard text to the stat block and then back again.

example stat block

This sounds like a cool project! :star_struck:

Hope I can help!

Having running text and tables mixed in is no problem - you can add tables into the page by going “Insert” → “Insert Table” → “New Table / Edit Table…”

Here’s a bit more info on formatting them: Tables and Calculations – Papyrus Author

And if you’ve got pictures in the pages as well, you might find this link on wrapping text around pictures helpful: Handling Pictures and Graphic Objects – Papyrus Author

Let me know how it goes - I’m a bit of a tabletop fan so it’s exiting to hear you’re doing it in Papyrus Author! :grin: