Image import

Operating System Win 10

Papyrus Author Version Papyrus Author Free version 10.06a Win64 dated 2020-9-15

Hi, I realise I must be obtuse.
I have been trying to import some images (jpeg) but can only get to having an area created. I can;t see where to select the image for import. I have seen the manual, but it just says:“when you first import…” but does not say how to import.

Where do I select the image to go into the created space?

thanks in adance.

Welcome to the Community :grinning:

Importing images into Papyrus Author is as simple as dragging and dropping the image.

So, for example you have an image stored on your PC. You can open Windows File Explorer, navigate to the folder where the image is stored then drag and drop it into your Papyrus Author document.

Once in your document you can anchor it, set the text wrapping and edit the properties so it appears exactly how and where you want it. These options are available from the context menu by right clicking on the image.

You can read more about image handling in our Wiki article here.

Let me know how it goes :grinning:

I always insert images by pressing ctr-shift-G, Papyrus native keyboard-shortcut for inserting images. In Preferences you can choose which folder will be opened by default when pressing the shortcut. In the image folder you just click the image you want to insert and it will be placed where the cursor is. Very handy once you get used to it.

thanks @Eva and @lennert. Much appreciated.