Import Word doc with comments formatting

Working on Windows 10. The first time I opened a word document with comments already on it, the formatting was normal and the font, size and line spacing was all acceptable and easy to read. Now, importing a doc with comments already on it, the comments are double spaced, the font size is too big and some comments are bold which is random because the original comments in word are not.

Is there a way to change all the comments’ formatting at the same time or do I have to do each one separately? If not, an option for changing formatting of “selected” and/or “all” comments would be very handy. Having quite a few issues with comments :frowning:

Hi Jemma,

Yes, there is a way to do this.

First, check what Style has been assigned to the text in the comment boxes. To do this, click in the comment text and check the Style drop-down in the toolbar:


Then click on the Styles icon: image

It doesn’t matter whether the text is using the wrong Style or if it is using the correct Style but is formatted wrongly, the steps to correct it are the same.

  • In the Style dialogue, make sure the “Select” field shows the current comment text Style being used.
  • Click “Mark”.
    This will highlight all the text lines which are assigned this Style.
  • Go to the Style drop-down in the toolbar and select (or reselect) the Style you want to use.

As soon as you have clicked on this Style, the text will be updated.

Let me know how you get on :grinning:

Thats a cool menu. We’re halfway there. :sweat_smile: it’s now changed not only the comments but the body of the text too. Does this have something to do with these comments being connected to the doc when it was in Word? Or is there a tick box or something that I’m missing. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Okay so just selected the body test and changed it to what I wanted. Thanks so much. this programme is brilliant. :grin::sweat_smile: