Importing a word docx with images in it

**Operating System Mac OS Big Sur

**Papyrus Author Version free version

My questions relate to non-fiction

Hi I have just downloaded Papyrus Author and looking at Pro version. I have several projects I could import into Papyrus Author to test its functionality. One of these has images embedded in it already. Can I import that or will it not work? I couldn’t find anything in the manual, wiki, videos or topics on this.

Another question I have in relation to non-fiction works, is how does Papyrus Author handle subsections of text on specific topics within a chapter. Does it treat these like scenes in fiction, so that you can move them around independently too?

Finally if I import a document into a project using the free version what happens to it when I upgrade to Pro. Do I have to reimport it or will anything I do to it be saved and work properly in the pro version?


Hello, welcome to the Community!

You can simply open a .docx document in Papyrus Author, and images will be imported with your text. If you ever need to export your document back to a Word document, images export out from Papyrus Author as well. :slight_smile:

If your subsection is marked as a subheading (eg. Chapter 2 would have subheading 2.1), you can simply drag and drop it from one chapter to another in the Navigator.

For moving paragraphs of text, you can simply select the paragraphs, and drag and drop them around the document.

Your documents will work on Papyrus Author Free and Pro interchangeably. When you upgrade to Pro, the previously worked-on projects will open exactly as before, but with the Pro features available.

Reverting back to Free from Pro works the same way; you always have access to all work created in Pro features (for example, the research database), but it will remain in read-only state, where you can view the database, but not edit it.

Let me know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt and comprehensive responses Sam. I am very excited about the potential of Papyrus Author!

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Hi Sam,

just to clarify, with regard to subheadings, I have set them up in word using Words default style sheet so they are identified as Heading 1, 2, 3 etc, however they are not numbered ie 2.1, 2.1.1 etc. Do they have to be numbered or is it the style level that Papyrus Author recognises?


Ok I have imported the document with images and it worked beautifully thanks. And the headings and TOC have worked perfectly as well. But I have a table that in word is set in landscape mode because it’s wider than it is long. that has come through in portrait mode and half of it disappears off the side of the page. Page layout doesn’t give you an option to change a pages orientation to landscape mode. I can see landscape as an option under paper, but how do I select that and only apply it to the one page not the whole book? Or is there another way of handling this? Can the table be turned on its side so that it appears as it would in a real book?

Papyrus doesn’t support mixed paper orientations in a document (unfortunately), it’s either portrait or landscape for the whole document.

There is a work around for this: you can draw a text frame (Insert > Graphics > Text Frame) and copy and paste the table inside the frame. Then use the text frame’s graphics properties to rotate it by 90° (double click on the edge of the frame and select Dimensions in the Graphics Properties window.

Depending on the document structure it may be necessary to insert page breaks before and after the text frame to ensure that the table will be placed on its own page.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try that.