Importing DOC file - any way to lose the empty lines?

Windows 10
Papyrus Author 10.05 Pro

I have a document which has a blank line between paragraphs. Is there any easy way to get rid of all those blank lines so I don’t have to go through and manually backspace them when it’s imported into PA Pro?

When it was written, new paragraphs were set to create a double return, as opposed to the single return I use in PA.

Is there a way to search for (return)(return) and replace it with (return) , is basically what I’m asking. Some code system that can be used in Find and Replace, maybe?

Figured it out! I can’t do the nice pictures like the support team use, but it was fairly simple once I found the right option.

I went to the menu Edit->Find/Replace…

Then I used the “Insert” button to put in the code for 'Paragraph Break’ twice in the top line and once in the bottom. Then did a replace all. Worked great.

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That’s great you figured it out. Thanks for posting the solution :+1:

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate your instructions :smiley:


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