Include Personal Title with Name in Character file

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version 10.05 win64 dated 2020-7-21

Is there a way to include a character’s title or business extension in the character development dialog. For instance, my protagonist’s name is Jeff Walker. He is a CPA, so his business name with title would be “Jeff Walker, CPA.” However, the comma separator treats “CPA” as another name. I’d like to attach the name and title as one unit.
Any suggestions? Or, what might I be missing? TIA!

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At the moment, you cannot use a comma in a name like this in the auto-linking fields in “My Characters”.

The comma is used in “My Characters” as a separator to add multiple words to link to a single character. For example, in the text you may refer to your character as Jeff, Jeffrey, Walker, etc. You can add multiple names into the character sheet (separated by a comma) and PA will create an auto-link to the character record for you.

However, each of the words you use in either the “Main Name” or “Additional Names and Unique Descriptions” fields must be unique to that character. So if, for example, you have multiple characters with the name “Jeff” we wouldn’t recommend you using it in the linking field. This also applies to the “CPA” suffix you have.

We are currently working on some exciting new features for Characters. We’re looking into including a field for vanity titles so the full character name can include various prefixes and suffixes.

We’ll keep you updated on the developments here in the Community and on our social media channels so stay tuned :smiley:

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Thanks for the timely response. I realize PA is in some early stages of refinement. I love the program, but I’m still in an early learning curve. Keep up the good work!

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