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Upon reviewing the rough draft of my manuscript, I see I need to add additional pages to the end of each chapter, in order to add content not yet created. Presently, the only way I see to do this is to add a Page Break. Is this the correct method? Is there another way? Do my settings remain as is, after I add a page via the page break?

At this point of the project, I do not wish to damage or lose any work already complete.

Thank you for knowledge shared.

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Additional content will create new pages as needed, so you normally don’t have to worry about that. Just start typing where you want and the text will flow on pages automatically.

Page breaks are only useful if you really want to end the content of a page in a certain place and make sure that the next content will start on the next page.

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Thank you ~ it didn’t dawn on me to hit enter to force a new page. Appreciate your time.

Enter will only force a new line. If you like to force a page break without adding a dozen extra lines, better use strg+enter.

Thank you. I’ve now played with it a couple of different ways, I’ll have use for both methods.