Is it possible to hide a chapter or scene from the timeline?

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Whatever it is, the latest – you guys really need to add a button!! :slight_smile:

I have some chapters which are part of the book but occur before the story. They are not prologues, simply something different I have in my book. And I also have a couple of “work notes” chapters. I don’t mind ghosting the work notes, I don’t want them in the output anyway. But the other items do appear in the output-- they’re part of the book, but not the story. How can I get them out of the way in the timeline?

One of them is a dedication page, and should be front matter. The other is a “teaser/come-on” page that the reader has the option to read first before turning the page to start the story. So it’s not really front matter.

The setting you need is against the “Style” of text you are using. For the dedication and teaser, the principle is the same as creating a prologue in Papyrus Author.

Create a Style that you want to use as the title for the dedication - and any other headings/text you want to treat in a similar way. See this thread for more about creating new Styes.

Go to the “Enumeration/Table of Contents” tab and untick the option “Include in Timeline”.


Then you can assign this Style to your headings and they will no longer appear in the Timeline.

I hope this helps :grinning:

Cool, thanks!